I ❤ my cr48

I love my cr48. I wanted a Chrome OS computer ever since Google announced they were working on it. Personally, I've never had a laptop until Google sent me my cr48. Now I use it most of the time. I still use my 6 year old Windows XP desktop machine, but these days it sure shows its age. I'm trying to live in the cloud more and more everyday. I’m trying to use web apps for things I would regularly do in other computer programs. There are some things you just can’t do in Chrome OS... yet. But, Google is working hard on making Chrome OS into a main competitor in the OS war. Is it odd to love a machine? I love my cr48 because it’s fast. I really love the apps. The matte black minimalist look and the sort of rubberized feel of it is great too. I just love my cr48. Thanks Google.

Please comment and tell why you love your cr48.


  1. I agree with you. I wanted one of these ever since it was announced, and watching you tube unboxing videos over and over didn't help. I love everything about this.

  2. I love everything about mine. It's pretty sweet and getting better with every update. This thing is really going to give Apple and Micro$oft a run for their money.

    Making the transition over to the cloud has been difficult as most cool apps haven't gotten their acts together and made web versions. But the ones that are out... are impressive! Hats off to cutting edge devlopers like Tweetdeck,Trillian, Aviary and the others who have put their $ where their mouth is and put out webapps that rival most paid apps.

    Overall, it's been WAY more reliable then ANY other computer I've ever owned before (and I'm an electronics geek)... The 8 hours of running life and lack of a platter type hard drive, has made it the perfect candidate for mobile installation. With the free built in 3g internet access, it's made my business travels perfect. From finding turn by turn directions and finding most of the local hotspots... it's made my job more efficient and streamline.

    I'd like to personally thank Google for giving me this tool which has made my life alot easier... allowed me to be more efficient & make more $.
    The Cr-48 is the best of it's kind. I just want to know how to get more so I can teach my customers what reliability is like!

  3. I also love my cr-48. ChromeOS has a huge future, and we have just scratched the surface!

  4. I LOVE my cr-48!!! I'm excedingly pleased to be part of the future!!

  5. The cr-48 arrived when my adult son was very unhappy with his pc. I passed it along to him and I can't get it back. He loves it. Thats a first. I'm a retired IT techie..., so he knows all and until now has considered a pc bloated and troublesome, an obstacle. So you for sure have a winner and I assume this is only gonna get better.

    Thank you from an old happy fan and long time supporter.

  6. I love my cr-48, and transitioning to the cloud has not been hard for me at all, just helped me realize I never used any xpensive desktop software anyway!

  7. the skype is skewy with it? one day i wont video with it,the next i wont have sound, the next i wont have any thing... i am at my wits end.

  8. @Johnathan that is because Skype does not have an official web version of its program. You have to use third party sources like IMO.im. I have never been a fan of IMO. Skype needs to get its act together and release a web version of its app!

  9. your right about skype getting there act together I also am not keen on using IMO but for now it will have to do.

    I love my CR48 and am very grateful to Google for allowing me the opportunity to learn the transition into cloud computing. Way to go Google (..)

  10. I love the portability and especially the ability to buy Verizon on line as needed, a great partnership.

  11. Amazing how much i use this instead of my laptop. Multiple email accounts app would make it a total replacement for laptops--as soon as they get a citrix client these will take off in the medical community for EMR.

  12. wish they would fix the flash would be great

  13. @dk, I think part of the issue with Flash performance on the cr-48 is due to the limited processor and graphics. I believe we are experiencing the limit of the hardware and not so much a Flash issue...

  14. I am unable to upload any new pictures to my website using the cr-48.
    Why is that?
    when i attempt to upload Pictures using my CR48
    All I am getting is the Empty FILE SHELF Folder.
    and the empty external storage folder.

    Cannot Figure out whats wrong.
    pictures should be in the File Shelf folder.
    But when i browse my computer for the file Shelf folder,
    or my external storage, I get zilch, nothing at all.

    I wish the next update would make things like
    this more simple, easier to understand.
    now using the CR48 CANNOT UPLOAD to Picasa
    or any of my websites. can only copy and paste.

    Thanks for any HELP GUYS.

  15. ever sns i got mine with w7 wow! my whole world has opened up!