Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reset Your cr48 To Factory Condition

If you want to reset your cr48 to factory condition this is what you do.With your cr48 off remove the battery. Next to the battery terminal is a piece of tape covering the dev switch. Remove the tape and flip the dev switch to the left. Put the battery back in. Turn the cr48 on. A screen comes up that says hit space to begin recovery.

Hit space.
Then the next screen will come up saying you need a usb stick for recovery.
Now just close the lid. Remove the battery again and flip the switch back to the right.Turn the laptop on again. The login screen will come up like you had it, it doesn’t look like its been reset but... just log in. It should turn off automatically. Now turn the cr48 back on. It will then erase the stateful partition, after that it’ll reboot and then you can set it up for the first time again.


  1. Do you know what will happen to my free Verizon data plan? Will I have to create a new account?

  2. I still haven't used my 3g yet, so I don't know.You might just have to enter your info again.

  3. No issue with the verizon plan, it will return to the same plan once you have entered your information.

  4. Do you know how to do a "real" factory reset? Meaning, breing the CR48 back to the way it shipped?

    The above method just deletes browser content, but the users and some underlying data is still there.

  5. Found the answer to my question....

    The difference is the "ctrl-D" below...

    I turned off the machine, removed the battery, and flipped on the developer switch.
    Turned the machine back on, hit ctrl-D at the warning screen and got a message about the stateful partition being wiped. It wiped after probably 5 minutes. After it completed, I turned off machine, removed battery, and flipped back switch to normal mode.

    When the machine turned back on, it said it was switched back to normal mode and would the wipe the user partition again. This time it was really fast, and the machine rebooted itself. I was now presented with a clean install.

    1. A clean install of the Stable version of Chrome OS? (I'm trying to get out of dev mode; to many wifi issues; but trying to avoid the recovery image way.)

  6. I am guessing this wouldn't work if a different os was that so?

  7. I used the recovery image, and I'm hoping it wiped the Ubuntu partition I had this dual booting with =\