Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How To Disable Pepper Flash

Are you trying to use your webcam somewhere on the internet and it’s not working? How about are you unable to save pictures you’ve edited on Pixlr Editor or Picnik? I’ve had both of these problems. The easy fix for these two problems is to disable pepper flash. Just type about:plugins in the omnibox. Hit enter. This will bring up the plugins page. Now just click the plus sign on the right to expand the details. You have two flash plugins and they are both enabled. Just Disable the top one that says pepper in its details.


  1. why not make it a option to shut it off or redo google chrome so it works the right way gezzz

  2. This allowed client to see the mario webcam and mic! Now I need to test it out when a friend is online.

  3. I wish it would stay disabled. Forever.

  4. Pepperflash keeps coming back - really irritating - Google sort of reminds me of Microsoft here


    This seemed to do the trick for me.

  6. I tried all of that stuff and it keeps coming back for me as well. I finally hit on a rather brute force way to permanently disable it, and it seems to work.

    Basically the idea is to not only blow away the pepperflash.dll file, but put a read-only dummy file in its place. I used a zero length file, but any short text-only file should work.

    For noobs, here are the steps:

    1. in the Chrome Browser, type in Chrome://Plugins

    2. Look at the listing for pepperflash to note the full path to pepperflash.dll and record it.

    3. CLOSE CHROME (to avoid "file in use" error)

    4. Type CMD in the start menu

    5. drill down to the directory where pepperflash.dll lives using the CD command

    6. Delete pepperflash.dll

    Note: if you stop here, it will still come back. Chrome will reinstall it. Perhaps not that day, perhaps not the next day, but within two days tops it will grow back like a weed.

    7. type in the following command lines:

    echo dummyfile > pepperflash.dll

    attrib +r pepperflash.dll


    By creating a read only dummy file named pepperflash.dll, Chrome is unable to reanimate pepperflash. It's like pouring salt on the vampire's grave.