Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reset Your cr48 To Factory Condition

If you want to reset your cr48 to factory condition this is what you do.With your cr48 off remove the battery. Next to the battery terminal is a piece of tape covering the dev switch. Remove the tape and flip the dev switch to the left. Put the battery back in. Turn the cr48 on. A screen comes up that says hit space to begin recovery.

Hit space.
Then the next screen will come up saying you need a usb stick for recovery.
Now just close the lid. Remove the battery again and flip the switch back to the right.Turn the laptop on again. The login screen will come up like you had it, it doesn’t look like its been reset but... just log in. It should turn off automatically. Now turn the cr48 back on. It will then erase the stateful partition, after that it’ll reboot and then you can set it up for the first time again.

How To Disable Pepper Flash

Are you trying to use your webcam somewhere on the internet and it’s not working? How about are you unable to save pictures you’ve edited on Pixlr Editor or Picnik? I’ve had both of these problems. The easy fix for these two problems is to disable pepper flash. Just type about:plugins in the omnibox. Hit enter. This will bring up the plugins page. Now just click the plus sign on the right to expand the details. You have two flash plugins and they are both enabled. Just Disable the top one that says pepper in its details.

Task Manager Shortcut

Chrome unresponsive? Did a tab or extension crash or freeze up on you? Hit Shift + Escape to open the task manager.
Here you’ll see all running processes. Just select the culprit and click kill process and you’re back to running smoothly again.

Welcome Chromebook Users

I want to personally welcome all new Chromebook users to my cr48. Most info here also applies to Chromebooks. So take a look around, you may learn something.